Tales from the trenches; from early stage startup to exit

23/10/2019 14.25 - 15.05

Product17th floor (Event Hall A/B)Presentation

In 2010, we started Krux, a consumer data management platform now used by many of the top internet properties you know, love and use every day. Back then, we made a bet that we could convince our to-be customers to embrace a new product category, that we could build a new type of planet scale technology platform, and that we could build the business in both a margin positive and customer ROI positive way.

Six years later, we sold the company to Salesforce, a fortune 250 company, for a considerable sum.

This is the story of that journey; the highs and the lows, the good and the bad. The challenges and pitfalls that came our way and the decisions and trade-offs we made to address them. The forward looking investments we made, and the shortcuts we took. The things we focussed on, the things we purposely ignored. The company, culture, and board we built. And how all that played out during M&A; strategic fit, comparative advantage, due diligence and ultimately, acquisition.

If this sounds like the journey you’re on, or about to be on, please join me in this session to talk candidly about what lies ahead, and hopefully benefit from the experiences and mistakes of those that came before.

Jos Boumans
(former) VP of Technical OperationsSalesforce