Jos Boumans

(former) VP of Technical Operations

Jos is the (former) VP of Infrastructure & Operations at Krux, now Salesforce DMP, which manages analytics and activiation for over 4 billion users and devices every month for websites like,, Mondelez, Roku and NBCU. Jos joined Krux in the very early days in 2010, all the way through it’s acquisition by Salesforce in November 2016.

In a previous life Jos ran the Ubuntu Server group at Canonical and the Database group at RIPE, which is responsible for all the authoritative IP address data in Europe, the Middle East & Asia.

Jos regularly speaks at technical conferences like OSCON, Velocity, and Surge, as well as various VC panels on technical operations and its intersection with business decisions.


Tales from the trenches; from early stage startup to exit

23/10/2019 14.25 - 15.05

Product17th floor (Event Hall A/B)Presentation

In 2010, we started Krux, a consumer data management platform now used by many of the top internet properties you know, love and use every day. Back then, we made a bet that we could convince our to-be customers to embrace a new product category, that we could build a new type of planet scale technology platform, and that we could build the business in both a margin positive and customer ROI positive...