Emily Walsh (Moderator)

Georgian Partners

Emily Walsh is a Principal on our Investment team. In this role, Emily makes investments in high growth business software companies including sourcing investment opportunities, leading the due diligence process, and advising companies post-investment. She also works across our portfolio helping companies on operational effectiveness and strategy, with a particular focus on people and culture. She’s an expert in board mechanics and financial analysis, assists in designing our internal training programs, and provides support for Canada Learning Code.

Emily currently works with several of our portfolio companies, including Signpost, Flashpoint, and Precision Lender on a variety of projects. These span people analytics, benchmarking, org design, and team dynamics and culture. In addition, she’s an observer on the boards of Aera Technology, Flashpoint, Bidgely and WorkFusion, and supports the portfolio on a broad range of initiatives pertaining to our investment thesis areas.


Leveraging banking ecosystems to scale your business - BMO

23/10/2019 13.00 - 13.40

Company16th floor (Nahanni)Panel

Partnerships between banks and scale-ups continue to accelerate in terms of number and scope. Hear from the innovation groups at BMO and the companies that have partnered with them. This panel will discuss how to best work together in order to accelerate growth.